12. Decorating


Front end finished…so much to explain! The footboard is installed; it rests on braces made from laminated plywood that fit into metal sockets (scrounged leaf spring clamps). The sides of the driver seat are built up and connected to the footrest, and the top of this compartment is a bi-fold hatch that forms the driver’s backrest. There are steps made from heavy duty joist hangers, and hand grabs for the driver and shotgun to climb up. You feel pretty high up sitting up there.


Aft end finished. You can see the chuck box or “boot” that I built instead of fake luggage for the kitchen. The table leg swings down and gets staked to the ground at whatever angle makes the table flat. There is a canvas cover that gets rolled down and lashed over the boot for transport. 1/4 inch steel braces have been added to help support the back ledge, which I stand on to install the chimney and to set up the awning. The ledge surfaces are sealed with really thick epoxy resin. The back window is trimmed out, and the stove jack has a plug for travel (and for when we don’t used the stove). There is bracket or brace to hold the chimney when it gets used.


Another view aft. The back of the wheels are painted black. The coiled line is used for lashing down the canvas boot cover.


Here is the painted pan box with its hardware.


Here is the pan box with a door open. The upper shelf has a bag with awning stakes, and below that is a long drawer for camp gear. On the other side is the “pole vault” for the awning poles.


Six-foot long gear drawer on the starboard side.


Table in down position showing the chuck box interior. Plenty of room for a camp kitchen. Remember, the compartment under the chuck box contains a full sized cooler. This shot also provides a good end-on view of the rear wheel showing the spokes and banding on the hub. They look real enough that I have had several people ask how well they roll down the freeway. The tires and the coach undersides are painted in this amazing two part epoxy paint provided by my mate Jean Gabier.



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