10. Paneling the Inside


The front window is framed and installed, there is bead board paneling on the forward and upper side walls, and redwood wainscoting is installed throughout the interior. More of the black pine decking is laid, and black pine trim boards frame the cupboard opening.


Forward and aft upper bulkheads are skinned with the quarter inch marine ply. Many thanks to my friend Lisa Perrone Thompson for providing the bead board paneling, the pine framing lumber and pine planking that was used for the ceiling. You rock Lisa!


Aft upper bulkhead is skinned and the very tricky marine window installed. It has slanting sills that required a slanting window frame. The window came without glass so I glazed it with some heavy perspex that I had. Next to the window you can see the hole for the stove jack. The back corners of the interior are paneled with cedar planking that I cannibalized from a camp bed I built years ago.


Back corner, cedar-lined, that will become the hanging wardrobe. The bottom of the wardrobe has oak flooring, which reminds me that somewhere in here I put down 1/2 inch oak flooring (from Craigslist of course) throughout the Coach.


Trying the stove out for size, This a wonderfully Umco 28 pot bellied stove that I traded Eric Hollenbeck another stove for. That is not the actual stove position–it goes on the locker forward of there.


My son Colin takes the Coach for its first test drive. Here, the interior is mostly paneled or skinned, and we’re ready to start on the outside.


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