6. Framing the Walls


Basic framing of a side wall with door opening. The material was very old, very light redwood 2×3. The sill plate will get glued and screwed to the ledge box.


Another view of the side wall frame. This six-foot section defines the height of the central part of the coach compartment.


Here the forward, stepped down parts of the sides have been framed. A bulkhead has been built across the front well to define the inside bench area, and a little hip wall is built across the front to support a short piece of deck that extends beyond the square part of the trailer frame. This deck is supported by the tool box and the side walls. This little extension forward was necessary in order for the bed to not interfere with the doors when it is deployed.


Here the front end is starting to be framed in, including the footrest that extends forward over the trailer tongue


More front end framing. This is the flat surface where the driver will sit. Doesn’t look it, but trust me.


Look! The floor of the footrest is covered in plywood. The big open space is where the front window will go.


Here you can see some of the final decking installed forward. This and all the decking, locker tops and some interior walls are out of this gnarly black pine lumber that was kindly given to me years ago by Roy Kohl.


Paneling the inside of the footrest, using a beefy piece of masonite I had laying around.


Outside view of the paneled foot rest, which is also beefed up with lumber to support the brackets that will support the foot board that will be hinged to the foot rest.


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