8. Framing the Roof


Laminating plywood for the roof beams. This is where boat building experience comes in handy. And lots of lead.


The lamination has been ripped into curved roof beams. This nearly killed my table saw. Afterwards I went and bought a new Diablo saw blade which really helped the rest of the project.


Roof beams installed with your basic hurricane ties. Later they will be trimmed flush and bird blocks will fill the spaces between them.


More rafter installation. It was around this point that I decided the forward stepped-down roof would be curved as well as the main roof. This makes the interior space (above the couch/bed) so much roomier and no one has clocked their head yet. It also provided a neat forward bulkhead with a curved top where I have put the weapons rack.


Here the space between the two rafters at the step-down has been filled with a solid wood piece that is pierced for portholes.



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