9. Framing the Back


Back is basically framed here. Note the heavy cross piece where the kitchen will hang on the outside. Also note the intriguing openings between the stem walls. Also, you can see that a rear window frame is being played with, and that bird blocks have been installed between all of the rafters.


A closer view


Here the back wall has been skinned with 1/4 fir marine plywood, and the pan box has been framed in. Now you can see the purpose of the spaces between the stem walls–they are connected front and back in the tool box and pan box, providing 12 feet of space for awning poles. I call them the pole vaults. The pan box on a gypsy wagon is where the cooking pots and dirty fire tools are kept, but it also fits an ice chest nicely. Also here you can see I am playing with boxes for kitchen gear that I was planning to disguise as vintage luggage and trunks. Ultimately, I decided to go with a chuck wagon kitchen box that has a large drop-down table.


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